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December 2023

important WordPress plugins to keep your site secure

10 Important WordPress plugins to keep your site secure

In the world of advanced technology, security is becoming more important for securing a strong online presence. One of the most popular platforms for content management is WordPress. WordPress provides the best secure management system, but security is also needed on this highly secured platform. Nothing is safe on the internet; anything can be hacked. Though WordPress has some of the most important security features, you need to use some important WordPress plugins to keep your site secure, for better security and performance. In this post, we will discuss some important plugins that are useful for securing your WordPress site.   What is the First Priority for the Website’s Security? The simple answer is “secure and high-quality hosting.” Yes, secure hosting is the first and most important thing for your website. If your website doesn’t have safe and fast hosting, then you won’t do anything by using some plugins to secure your website. So, go for a fast and high-quality hosting service first. We recommend Host Service for this kind of hosting service. Host Service provides fast and secure web hosting at a cheap price. In the below, we will talk about the necessity of security plugins and some important WordPress plugins to keep your site secure.   Why should you use a WordPress security plugin? Whether you use WordPress or not, every platform has security issues. Every day, millions of sites go through dangerous malware. Websites that are built in WordPress also face malware.  According to research, on WordPress websites, approximately 90,000 hacker attacks occur per minute. The most common causes of these hacking attacks are not using strong passwords, outdated websites, and problems with core data. So, to stay secure from infected malware or dangerous viruses, you should take some steps to secure your website. Some WordPress plugins are there for you to help you with security, even without any cost. You can use these plugins for free. If your security isn’t updated, hackers can steal data from websites and from anyone at any time. Your data can be lost without your knowledge; you will lose control over your website, and your site’s performance will go down. To keep your site up and running smoothly, you should use some important WordPress plugins. That’s why we are talking about it. Read More- Custom Plugin Development: What kind of plugins you can develop Important WordPress plugins to keep your site secure 1. All-in-One WordPress Security and Firewall With millions of users and an amazing rating of 4.8 out of 5, it is one of the most powerful plugins recommended for WordPress to protect WordPress websites.  For its user-friendly basic features, it’s one of the best security plugins for beginner users. All-in-One WordPress security plugin offers a customizable dashboard, login protection, copy protection, cookie-based brute force protection, and visitor lockout. It provides regular updates for maintaining better security.  You will get all the basic security features for free!   2. Sucuri Sucury Security has a 4.3 rating out of 5 for its performance. It’s suitable for online businesses and web developers. Sucuri is a cloud-based plugin that is available in both free and premium versions. It’s a bit of a complicated plugin because, to use it, you might need technical knowledge for management. But it’s a great plugin for securing your website. It offers anti-spam tools, brute force attack protection, scheduled tasks, secret security keys, and the ability to repair SEO spam. For more advanced features like malware removal, improved page performance, and cache clearing, you have to purchase the premium plans. Sucuri Security offers immediate notifications if there are security threats on your WordPress website, so you can quickly resolve the problem.   3. Jetpack With a 4.8 rating out of 5, Jetpack is a popular WordPress plugin. The developer of Jetpack is Automattic, the same company that founded  It includes capabilities such as brute force attack defense, spam filtering, downtime monitoring, and virus detection. It’s great for anti-spam and bot prevention. It offers anti-spam protection, malware blocking, brute force protection, site stat reporting, one-click real-time backups, and auto-updates for free which are basic security features. Jetpack is available in a premium version too. Jetpack is considered one of the most complete WordPress plugins to secure any WordPress website.   4. WPScan Security The WPScan WordPress security plugin uses its own manually curated WordPress security database, which is updated daily by WordPress security specialists and community members. They check your site for many security flaws in WordPress plugins, themes, and core software. You can set up automated daily scans and receive results via email. It has a free security API that is suitable for most websites, but it also offers a premium version for more updated features.   5. Google Authenticator The most powerful WordPress two-factor authentication plugin is Google Authenticator. It protects users from potential dangers in advance and offers a variety of fallback options in case of severe threats. Two-factor authentication is included in many high-quality WordPress security plugins; however, users can install Google Authenticator separately to enable this feature.  Admins and users can use this plugin to set up their connection settings, enable two-factor authentication, and log in to WordPress websites using either a username, password or two-factor authentication. This plugin’s benefits include push notifications, software keys, QR codes, push authentication, SMS and email-based one-time passwords, shortcodes for personalized login pages, and device identification to prevent attempting again. It is compatible with all devices and adds two-factor authentication for all users. It’s a high-quality plugin, and you can use it for free.   6. iThemes Security With a rating of 4.6 out of 5, iThemes Security is one of the most popular security plugins for WordPress. It offers free and pro versions. In the free version, you will get all the necessary unique features to protect your site. Its key features are a security dashboard, security logging, file change detection, and local and network brute force protection. Its features, like two-factor authentication and scheduled malware scanning,

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Essential Benefits of SEO

The Essential Benefits of SEO for Your Website.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. If you want to rank your site and drive more traffic to increase your business, then SEO is essential for you. It helps a business in many ways on the internet. If your business or website isn’t SEO-friendly, search engines like Google won’t bring your website to a better position in search results. For creating a long-term business, promoting the brand, and expanding audiences, your website must need SEO. So, here we are to help you understand the essential benefits of SEO for your website. SEO – Search Engine Optimization Suppose you have a business website where you sell fruit. If people search for “fruit shops” on Google, your site won’t appear in front of searchers that easily. To appear in the search results, you will need to do some important SEO on your site, and then the search engine will show your site and products in front of internet users. That’s the magic of SEO. You don’t need paid traffic to click on your site; if your site is done with proper SEO, then Google will bring organic, unpaid, or real traffic to your site. Let’s talk about the importance of SEO for your website.   The Essential Benefits of SEO To establish a website on search engines, there are many things to do. SEO is one of the most popular ways to increase the performance of a website. It has many benefits. Below, we will share some benefits of SEO that help your website grow. SEO improves your site’s visibility It’s the most useful benefit that SEO does for your site. Make a list of keywords and phrases that you want to be ranked for. Then, to broaden it, use keyword research tools. Finally, do competitive research to narrow down your list by discovering who your competitors are, what keywords they are ranking for, and where they have backlinks, and then use this information to develop a stronger SEO plan. For a properly optimized website, the keywords you want to rank on Google Search will bring effective results to your website. Your site will get more visibility, and people will click more, which will drive organic visitors to the site. SEO helps reach potential customers. By using quality keywords, you can target your potential customers. It will help your website attract more visitors and increase your site’s traffic and performance. That will generate you more customers and sales. SEO will maximize your PPC PPC drives your website to the top of paid search results, and SEO does it organically; you don’t need to pay anything. Having both results appear at the top of the search engine results page increases the credibility of your business and shows that you are not simply throwing money at advertising to be on top. SEO can help you boost your PPC efforts. SEO Decreases your advertising costs You don’t have to pay money to drive traffic if your site has proper SEO. Also, you don’t need to spend much on advertising. SEO will decrease your spending costs and help your website gain more organic traffic. SEO encourages you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. A high-quality keyword with proper SEO will boost your profit by helping you stay ahead of your competitors. If you and your competitors have the same content or products, then doing proper SEO will help you gain more customers and sales and outrank your toughest competitors, which will increase your profit. It will make your business grow. There are more benefits to SEO for a website. Here are the five most important benefits:. If you would like to read more about SEO benefits for better understanding, visit here to find out more. The essential benefits of SEO for online businesses Final Thoughts Search engines are better at using SEO to show a website in search results. If your website has a minimum level of SEO, the search engine will show your site in the search results but in a lower position. If you want to rank your site in a better position, then use proper SEO terms on your posts and site. Read more- 10 Important WordPress plugins to keep your website secure

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How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site?

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site? Best tips Here

To maintain a user-friendly website and catch your visitors’ attention, you must speed up your WordPress site. Google loves fast-loading sites the most. A fast-loading site is crucial for giving the best services to visitors or customers. If your site or pages are slow-loading, then you will lose most of the visitors, and Google won’t show your site on the search list in a good position. So you need to speed up your site, and for this, you should know some necessary tips for speeding up. In this post, we will talk about how to speed up a WordPress website and the importance of speeding up a site or page. Stay tuned! The Importance of Speeding Up a Site Think of yourself as a searcher. When you search for anything on Google and click on a site, if that site takes more time to load, what do you do then? You will skip that site, right? For that, when visitors click on your site, if it is not fast loading, they will get bored and skip it. So what happened then? You lose many of your visitors as well as many organic clicks. If that happens, your website won’t perform well on search engines, and that will hurt your WordPress site. A site or page with a fast loading speed tends to be very useful to Google and helpful to users. That will boost your WordPress SEO (search engine optimization) and increase your traffic and views. What is a good loading speed? According to research, a good time for a site to load is a maximum of 3 seconds. Some studies show that visitors can hold their attention for around 7–12 seconds after clicking on a site. That makes sense now that you know what fast loading speed is. If there is a slow-loading issue with any of your pages or sites, you should take immediate action to speed up your site. Here, I will share some useful tips for you to speed up your WordPress site and pages. How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site? WordPress doesn’t have any built-in features for speeding up any website; site owners should use any third-party settings and tips to make their site faster. There are plenty of tips and tools for doing that. Here I will share some useful tips about speeding up your WordPress site. Run a performance tests Without a test, how would you be able to know whether it’s a slow or fast-loading site? So, firstly, you should run a test to see if your sites or pages are slow or fast. There are many tools for running a test on your website. Among all the tools, Google PageSpeed Insights is the most popular, and it provides accurate results. What is exciting is that this tool is free and easy to use. Run a test first to be sure if your site is okay with loading speed or not. Choose a reliable hosting provider It’s very important to build your site with a good hosting provider. Most of your site’s speed depends on the hosting. If anyone wants their site or pages to be loaded faster, they should use reliable and trusted web hosting. HostService is dedicated to providing you with the best web hosting service. If you make up your mind to buy a reliable hosting service, I recommend this company. They will surely help your site grow. Update everything on Your site and page If you aren’t updated with the latest products and technology, your site won’t do better. Always have a look at your site and its performance to see if it’s running okay or not. If anything needs to be fixed, fix it properly. Delete unused plugins from your site Don’t focus on quantity, but on quality. Use high-quality plugins for your site and delete the unused and unnecessary plugins. Unused things make a barrier for your site, so it may slow down your site or page. Use lightweight theme Your WordPress theme should be lightweight. The theme with high-quality effects and images puts pressure on your site to load, so the site becomes slow and heavy. Instead of using fancy themes, choose a theme that is lightweight and easy to load. It will speed up your site and other pages. Compress and Optimize media files If you upload images or any media files with high resolution, it will make your site slow. Before uploading any files to your site’s pages, first resize the files. There are many websites and tools available on the internet to compress and resize media files. Don’t upload heavy-sized images or videos; optimize them. Don’t host videos on the same server It would be better to use different servers for hosting your website and videos. Videos are heavy in size, so they hold much space for your site’s hosting, which causes the slowdown problem. So, be smart by using different hosting servers for website and video files. Install a WordPress caching plugin When a visitor requests a web page from a non-cached site, the PHP on your WordPress server must retrieve all relevant content from your WordPress database, combine it into an HTML file, and transmit it to the client. This process has benefits such as reducing server space and allowing for dynamic website content. However, it requires more time and effort. A caching plugin makes the entire procedure easier. It uses PHP to create each HTML page on your site, then saves these full HTML pages to be provided to future visitors when they request them. By avoiding the building process, your content reaches users faster. You can use caching plugins like SiteGround, WP Rocket, Bluehost caching, etc. You can search for finding a good plugin for you. Simplify your page designs and content I said earlier that, don’t keep any heavily loaded things on your site. It also goes for the site’s design and contents. Use minimal designs for your site and optimize your all of content to get

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How to Choose a Good Domain Name

How to Choose a Good Domain Name? And Where to Buy?

A domain plays a key role in getting your business found on the Internet or online. So, a good domain name plays an important role in promoting your business on the Internet. A good quality and good name domain is crucial to ensure your website’s online presence. The first step to success in online business is to create your e-commerce website with a good-quality domain. Choosing a proper domain for your website is crucial, but many people fail to do so. This mistake can have a negative effect on their online business from the start. In this article, we will talk about how to choose a good domain name and where can you buy it. Let’s start! How to Choose a Good Domain Name? If you want to make your business a brand, then name it wisely so that people like your business and find it easily. Here are some tips to follow while choosing the right and good domain name for your business. Keep a related name to your business Choose the right name keeping in mind the purpose of your product, brand, or website. Keep your domain name short Try to keep short names that are easy to remember and write. Don’t select a name with more than 14 letters, better would be if you keep it more short. Nowadays people are more busy, so they the ways of easy. If a domain name is hard to remember or write, people will avoid that domain or site. So, you have to choose a domain which is easy to remember. Choose a unique name wisely The name must be unique so that no one else can use it. According to research, there are over 500 million blogs on search engines. So finding a perfect name is hard. Do proper research before choosing a domain. Don’t take a similar name domain, search your domain name on Google, there are plenty of websites to help you find a unique domain. Use relevant keywords Use keywords relevant to your domain to convey what your website is about. This will make your site easier to find in search engines. Keywords play a vital role in ranking on Google, so selecting a domain with a keyword will be a great choice. Try to use at least one keyword in your domain name related to your business or niche. Choose a top-level domain Try to keep top-level domain extensions like .com, .org, and .net. .com is the most popular among all. Anyone on the internet search any website by adding a .com extension. So, it’s a plus point to get more visitors if you have a .com domain. Avoid copyright or trademark issues To avoid legal complications, choose a domain name by researching it well. Reliable registrar and web hosting company Choose a reliable domain registrar and web hosting company to ensure proper management and security of your domain. Target your local area If you want to sell your products or services by targeting a specific area, then choose a domain based on your targeted audience and area. Don’t use numbers and hyphens Don’t mix your domain name with any number or symbol, keep it simple but unique. If you keep in mind these tips to choose a domain, I guarantee that you will be able to select the right domain for sure. What should you do when your name is already taken? In the era of websites and blogs, it’s common to find similar domain names on the internet. When you learn that your preferred domain name is already taken by someone, then making it yours is difficult. You can’t make the other person for giving away the name to you. It’s almost impossible to force someone to give away their selected name, cause you won’t be able to contact them. So, what should you do then? Well, if that so happens, instead of purchasing the same domain extension, try to select a different one. Suppose, your preferred name is servicekey. co, but it’s not available for you. Then make a smart move by choosing a different extension, like By doing this, you won’t be deprived of your preferred one. Where to buy a reliable domain? Look no further, look near at your your fingertips! Here, we Service Key is a perfect choice for you. Cause we are committed to our services and clients. That’s why we are trusted by our customers. If you are looking for a reliable domain and hosting provider, then choose us for your service, We will give you the best service. Click here to choose a domain for you now- Bottom line For online business, the right domain will boost your business and will increase your brand value. So, when you set your mind to choose the right domain for you, choose it wisely. If you need any service, related domain and hosting, contact us to get your problem solved.

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How to set up Storeplum?

E-commerce Business on Storeplum: A proper Guideline

In the world of e-commerce business, building an online shop is very important. However, it is not easy to build an e-commerce platform. Cause, managing a store on e-commerce is challenging. If you want to manage your business on e-commerce, don’t worry, I will help you to understand how to create an e-commerce store easily. By using Storeplum, you can easily do this and can manage your business comfortably. Without having any experience and coding knowledge, you can create your dream business store online. But what is Storeplum? How does it work? How to set it up? In this article, I will answer all of your questions. Continue reading. What is Storeplum? Storeplum is a platform that is about store management in digital e-commerce. By using it, you can easily build any online store to earn money without waiting too much time. To attract many customers and increase your store’s popularity, it will help you. If you want to choose other platforms besides Woocommerce and Shopify, you can choose Storeplum instead of these. It has some special and unique features that will surprise you. Like Google Analytics, Storeplum also gives you such tools to analyze your business. So that, you can monitor your store without any difficulties. How does it work? Storeplum works like Woocommerce and Shopify. Plus, it has some best features for managing e-commerce, sharing or uploading files, designing websites, and managing agencies. For creating an online store, you don’t need to spend too much time. To manage product listings and complete all of the work related to e-commerce, Storeplum will help you faster. By selecting and customizing your store system in the account dashboard, you can set up it in a short moment. You don’t need to know how to code. And also you don’t need more time to create your online store. Within five minutes, you can do it. After knowing all about its features and benefits, it will be interesting and able to catch your attention. How to set up Storeplum? As I said, you don’t need any coding knowledge and don’t have to spend too much time creating a shop on Storeplum. Without these, you will able to set up your store on Storeplum. I will discuss it with you about it and help you to do a full setup for your first store on the e-commerce platform. Let’s start! 1. Install the Theme First, go to the Storeplum website to sign up. Then you will get a dashboard for your store management. In the dashboard, all the setup processes are given there. In the dashboard, there are many themes to use. Start with the first theme. To install your preferred theme, click the “Select Theme” option. Also, several premium or paid themes are available there. By using a suitable premium theme, you will be able to take your business to the next level. 2. Customize your theme If you have experience with WordPress, then you may know about WordPress Themes. On the Storeplum theme customization option, you will see the same option as WordPress. But, I can assure you that, you can customize your theme here more easily than in WordPress. After installing , customize the theme on Microsoft Word. You can change photos and set wallpapers on your phone and computer. Just like that, you can change the image here and change it to your favorite one. You will be able to change the theme color which matches your store perfectly. It enables you to change everything in your store. Like, from the footer to the header. After changing the theme image, you can add many sections on a single page. Some sections are Images, Texts, Videos, and Carousel. If you did follow all of these steps I mentioned, you have completed your store customization. Try and check more to understand properly. 3. Add your products I have said to you before that without having any experience, you can create and manage your store here easier than on any other platform. You’ve installed and customized the theme, now it’s time to upload your products and start your dream business. Follow these steps to upload products : Enter the name of the product which you want to upload. Select a category for your product. If there is no category, you can create a new category. Then add your product. Include how many stocks you have for this product. Select the stock-keeping count (SKU) and enter the amount. Then select the URL for the product. There is an auto-generated link available. But it will be best if you create an SEO-friendly URL. Use tag names after “#”, and add a minimum of 3/4 tags that are similar to your product. Add product pricing plans with original and discounted prices. It’s your choice if you want to include the VAT / Tax or not. Then write your product descriptions. It is a very important thing. It will help users understand your product. Is your products trustworthy or not, it will depend on the rating of the product. So, add a rating about the product. Users will trust you more. Your product will be uploaded successfully after clicking the ” SAVE” button. 4. Provide product variations You may have different variants of one product. If you don’t provide product variations, your customers will be confused. To give them a better experience, provide variations of your products. Selecting accurate products, dimensions, and weights will help the users. So, why do you cause confusion among the customers? In the dashboard, add the variations of every product. 5. Add Custom Domain Make your own brand by using a custom domain. It will attract customers, make them believe in your products, and it will spread the publicity of your store. For high-quality hosting and a custom domain, choose Service Key. We not only provide quality hosting but also offer expert guidance on crafting the perfect website design. 6. Payment Collection You established a store. Why? To earn and get

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