Providing modern web solutions to small and medium-sized businesses

The concept of Service Key combines creativity with the supremacy of high-end technology to make sure that our clients are progressing in the right direction. The goal of our team is to deliver cutting-edge web design & web development, digital marketing, and web consultancy services to customers to meet their goals and objectives.

With our web services, we ensure the best possible outcome for your business, which allows our clients to compete at the highest level in the online market. Whether you need help with strategy, designing a website, or setting up WordPress, our professionals are dedicated to ensuring your project is successful.

The main objective of our website design and development company is not only to provide you with the best website, but also to help you attract the target users you need. The success of your business is our top priority.

Our Mission

We do not underestimate any business, no matter how big or small. Whatever the budget, we aim to provide clients with a remarkable online presence. As a result, Service Key is flexible enough. We have given a new life to several websites over the years by staying true to our mission through the years. We can make your business more attractive to users through our fabulous journey. All businesses aren’t perfect, but we can help make them better.

Our Vision

As virtual presence and everything digital become more prevalent, every organization strives to be the best. Service Key does not consider anything less. As a leading website design and development company, we provide our clients with quality website design and development services at their preferred budget range. Our vision and mission are our duty, and we are passionate enough to maintain them as we have for years. There is no room for excuses in our organization. We do not like to say that work assigned to us is not done due to a lack of time or that quality is compromised due to inadequate time. The highest level of professionalism is what we believe in.


Since Service Key’s inception 3 years ago, it has continued to grow. The company has faced many odds when attempting to become powerful and at the time of its formation. However, the teammates have never seen the odds in a negative light. Rather, they remained optimistic and took on the challenges with passion and hard work until midnight. The time didn’t matter to us since we were so passionate and professional about what we wanted to achieve. Our only resource during the creation of Service Key was sheer hard work and persistence, other than the desire to succeed and develop.

The Reasons You Should Choose Service Key?

As one of the leading web design and development companies in Bangladesh, Service Key is also a premier digital marketing company based in Dhaka. Nevertheless, we provide professional and expert service to clients all over the globe. In order to be on top, we focus on knowing our strengths and beating ourselves every day through hard work, not by outdoing our competitors. Our team guarantees excellence, professionalism, creativity, collaboration, and budget-friendly projects.

No matter what your marketing strategy is, Service Key can’t wait to help you, whether it’s creating a new website, redesigning an existing site, or adding an application to an existing website. We are there for you through all the steps of your project lifecycle with a click of a button. Let us handle everything, and we will deliver the best of the best for you.

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