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5 Tips on Designing a Homepage for Your Website

The homepage of a website is often the first and last impression for a visitor. It’s important to have an appealing, aesthetically pleasing homepage that prompts people to stay and interact with your content. However, if that first impression is poor, then the rest of your visitors will most likely dismiss you. Here I will share the top five tips on designing a homepage for your website. So, let’s move!


Tips on Designing a Homepage for Your Website

Strive for simplicity

Simplicity is one of the most important qualities you should look for while designing your homepage. Internet visitors are bombarded with a lot of information daily, so it’s very important to keep things simple when it comes to designing your website.

Choose a good background image

Your website will look incomplete if you do not choose strong homepage imagery. A good background image will make an impact on visitors and entice them to stay. When selecting imagery, consider your theme; for example, if you have a website that deals with outdoor sports, it would be good to use a picture of the mountains in the background.

Good text/graphics ratio

The text and graphics on your web design should be placed within a good ratio. You should use many words to describe what your website offers, but not too many. Content should be succinct and easily digestible. You may need to use checking software that can help you out with this.

Choose a colour scheme

You need to remember that the colour scheme of your website plays a huge role in attracting people. A lot of visitors are more likely to stay on your website if they’re attracted to the chosen colour schemes. That said, you should choose a scheme that works for your website and is in-keeping with the theme.

Have several navigation options

The last tip you must remember while designing your website is to have several navigation options. You should have a top navigation system as well as several sub navigations. This way, you will be able to work on the same topic from different angles.


A good homepage is a crucial aspect of every website. Never forget that if your homepage is not strong, then it is near impossible for your website to gain much of an audience. So, you need to approach the task of designing homepages with a lot of care and dedication. If you follow these tips to design a good website for yourself, then it is guaranteed that people will start visiting your site regularly.

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