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Let's examine the differences between Cloudways and WPX hosting in more detail.

Cloudways and WPX Hosting – An overview of these two web hosts

Cloudways and WPX Hosting are popular web hosts. In this article, we will give an overview of these two popular web hosts. comparing their differences, pricing, and features.

Founded in 2013, WPX hosting has been making a name for itself in the WordPress community primarily thanks to its lightning-fast website speeds and top-notch customer service. It has been a pleasure to work with this hosting provider so far, with excellent security, performance, and stability. They can handle everything from website migration to WordPress installation. Those who would rather concentrate on their website work than on technical aspects will benefit from this. WPX hosting handles all of the technical aspects also.

Founded in 2009, instead of positioning itself as a WordPress-only host, Cloudways positions itself as a developer’s best friend for hosting PHP programs, such as WordPress. As well as being speed-focused (including their caching plugin), they offer a fully managed experience that varies based on the demands on your servers. If your app becomes too popular, they will notify you and ask for more resources, such as CPU and RAM, making it possible for you to continue.

Let’s examine the differences between Cloudways and WPX hosting in more detail.

 Differences between Cloudways and WPX Hosting


The cyber-world is full of threats, and no website is safe from malicious attacks, hackers, or data breaches. Alternatively, Cloudways blocks everything from getting through, providing security on all ends. With the help of the five major cloud providers with whom they work, Cloudways has developed its security procedures as a backup. Right away, you’ll get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, guaranteeing that your visitors’ data is always secure. As well as dedicated firewalls, they apply security patches regularly.

If an attacker attempts to access your system through your account, Cloudways’ two-factor authentication process gives you an advantage of protection over them. As a final note, Cloudways is there for you in case of disaster. You can easily restore your site whenever needed because of the off-site backups of Cloudways.

On the other hand, WPX Hosting offers a security suite that includes DDoS protection, virus scanning every day, and free SSL certificates. Even though these metrics are adequate, they pale in comparison with the ones provided by Cloudways.

Speed and Performance

You need to pay attention to the speed of your website because it affects both its user experience and its search engine ranking. As a result, Cloudways puts a high value on speed, and its system is designed to keep loading times down.

Rather than using mechanical disks for storage, Cloudways uses SSD disks. This has resulted in a three-fold reduction in loading times. In addition, they offer CloudwaysCDN as their CDN, which allows your visitors to access a nearby CDN node rather than waiting for a connection from a remote server.

In terms of loading times, WPX Hosting is okay but not as fast as Cloudways. They can’t compete with Cloudways when it comes to uptime. Cloudways ensures you 100% uptime, which means you will have no downtime, and your site will be running 24 hours. At the same time, WPX Hosting guarantees uptime of only 99.95%.

Additional Features

You can use Cloudways and WPX Hosting to migrate your site to a new hosting provider if you have an existing site. They both offer a feature their one-click WordPress installation function, which allows you to create a new WordPress site within minutes.

On the other hand, Cloudways wins the award once again for productive and collaborative solutions. In addition, they offer tools for adding new team members, developing assignments, testing new themes, generating SFTP credentials for each team member, plugins, and apps without destroying your site, cloning your servers, and creating copies.

You can take advantage of these features if you’re working with a larger group. Furthermore, Cloudways supports CSM platforms other than WordPress, such as Drupal and Joomla.


Cloudways offers superior plans and pricing to WPX Hosting, offering unlimited sites and greater resources at a lower price. For example, Cloudways’ $10 per month plan includes unlimited sites and 1TB bandwidth, whereas WPX Hosting’s lowest-tier plan is $24.99 and only includes five sites and 10GB bandwidth. Cloudways is undoubtedly the winner based on costs.

Cloudways is also designed with a cloud architecture, which makes scaling a straightforward task. In contrast, WPX Hosting is similar to shared hosting because it doesn’t allow you to scale, and once you reach the bandwidth limit, you need to upgrade your plan.


WPX Hosting or Cloudways: Which is good for support?

The support of both WPX Hosting and Cloudways is excellent via live chat and tickets; however, you will find WPX Hosting’s to be superior since it connects in seconds and the executives are highly educated.

Typically, Cloudways customers must first communicate with a bot before speaking with an actual person.

Which WordPress Hosting is Faster?

Cloudways offers faster loading times and uptime guarantees than WPX Hosting due to their 60+ data centers around the globe and top-of-the-line hardware and software. Therefore, Cloudways is a faster hosting option than WPX.

What Is The Fastest Hosting For WordPress?

It is without a doubt that Cloudways strives to provide the best customer experience and provides the fastest WordPress hosting service. Cloudways is known for its speed, with an average page loading time of 400-600 milliseconds.

This hosting service ensures 100 percent uptime while working with multiple servers, making it a significant advantage over other options. As well as a dedicated CDN, they provide WordPress caching plugins that enhance the performance of your website.

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